Today, because of the generosity of a friend, and fellow lactating mama, Poppy and I spent the day out and about… worry free. I had enough milk. I didn’t have to plan down to the ounce and hope what I had was going to stretch ’til the next backseat pumping session. Just 4 ounces of breastmilk changed my entire outlook on the day. 

We meandered through a church rummage sale where I scored Poppy an awesome exersaucer for $5. The people running the sale at the church were so kind that I almost teared up. Not only did they help me to my car after my purchase, but two of them even went and personally picked out some toys and clothes for Poppy as well… free of charge. Not because they saw she has a syndrome. Not because her hands and feet looked different. Just because.


We ate lunch in the semi-sunshine. She napped in my arms. After abandoning the Ergo carrier per her LOUD request, I wore her in the Moby wrap for most of the afternoon without a fuss… until her diaper leaked all over both of us and we had to call it a day:)

Simply put – today felt normal. A much needed, long overdue dose of normal, everyday happenings.


And now… after three days of trying to put her swing together ( I got it for free but it was missing some hardware) and a trip to the hardware store, she is swaying sideways, sleeping soundly and I am nibbling chocolate, pumping, and writing. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Saturday.

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