I have to keep reminding myself that there is nothing (at this point) that they can do at the hospital that I can’t do at home. Poppy is terribly and miserably ill. Because she has such narrow airways, a cold is a serious hurdle. As long as it stays out of her chest it will be okay. 

She has been dealing with it with as much grace as possible… but not being able to breathe, struggling to eat, and having mommy constantly suctioning her nostrils has its limits. She is exhausted. Neither one of us slept more than an hour last night, and with the extra work she puts in just to get air, she has had some really sad moments.

She wants to scream, but only a hoarse whimper escapes.

My heart breaks nearly as often as it beats.

She is the prettiest sick baby in the whole, big, wide universe.


But there are ways to buy pockets of happiness amidst the flurry of sneezes and snot :

  • Warm, bubbly, lavender baths
  • Barney, the big purple dinosaur
  • Big brother story-time. 

All on repeat, of course. 


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