Poppy was a serious trooper yesterday. Even with not feeling well, she managed to awe the doctors and nurses. Her Pediatric Development assessment went very well and Poppy was roughly in the 37th percentile for motor and language skills. She almost rolled over for the first time while there:)

We met with our ENT Specialist later in the day and he said that Poppy has better airways than most children with Apert’s. He also said that she will likely not have to have a tracheotomy, which has been one of my serious fears. Thank God! All in all we got good news from the Doctors!


I talked to the Red Cross about donating my blood, and while my tattoos weren’t a problem after all – the fact that I am nursing is. Apparently there is a significant risk of losing my milk if I donate. So I’m out. Unfortunately the timing is all so sensitive that the blood donation “stuff” is taking it’s toll on me. There are a bunch of hoops to jump through and the blood has to be donated on July 5th exactly and it costs money for the testing and so on… but I have faith it will all work out as needed.

Poppy screamed most of the day today. Even while walking down the street in the warm sun and sweet breeze – screaming. Oh well. Kieran and I are learning to just look at one another and shrug it off instead of letting it get too deep inside us. We will get through the hard parts. We will.

2 responses to “Good News”

  1. Renee Naslund Avatar
    Renee Naslund

    So grateful to hear the good news :). Blessings to you as you go to all these dr. visits, listen to lots of screaming, and just go through the motions of daily life (while trying to manage on less than adequate sleep). I found my Red Cross card just yesterday, and I am O+. Count me in for a blood donation on July 5th. My love to you all :).


  2. craniomumdana2012 Avatar

    Good news on the trach thing… my biggest ever fear in all of this to. x


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