Exactly one year ago I saw her for the first time. Poppy Avalon. 8 weeks old in my belly, one tiny, precious blob. I heard for the first time the ocean drum of her heart beating. 

The ultrasound found a “subchorionic hemorrhage”. A small tear where the placenta had ripped away from the uterine wall. “Not to worry, these usually heal themselves.”


And at 8 weeks I had not seen my belly swell, had not felt her dancing within, had never even looked into her eyes. I had no idea the scent of her sweat against my skin. Knew nothing of her voice. Her suckle. Her perfect, pouting lips.

Even still – a deep fear and swirling nausea encircled me at the thought of this child being stripped, literally, from my womb. It loomed and teased me for four weeks until I had another ultrasound to see if it was “healing itself,” and it was. One hundred percent. Like it never existed. Had I not had an 8 week ultrasound the presence of such a thing would have never been known. 

Odds. Odds of a subchorionic hemorrhage ending in miscarriage 3 in 100. Odds of having a baby with Apert’s syndrome 1 in 200,000.

Odds are I’ve included “odds” in my daily thinking and it has not been beneficial. It used to be that I would buy a scratch-it ticket and hope to be that “one.” Now, somedays I expect to be struck by lightening, twice.



It’s six days until surgery. I want so badly to be on the other side of this. Every thing is going in slow motion right now. I have so much to do with packing and such, but the only thing I can focus on is the countdown. I’m fixated. Absolutely useless until it’s over, and she smiles.

2 responses to “even the odds”

  1. B Avatar

    U r so amazing sissy so is poppy! I’ll be sending up prayers for her and u. Idk what else to say I wish I did:(


  2. Karen Kraemer Avatar
    Karen Kraemer

    Noelle, While the surgeries my sons required many years ago were for vey different reasons than Poppy’s, I recall the torturous days which led to the sceduled procedures. I remember: the guilt for passing on a genetic disorder, the anxiety about turning a precious child’s life over to a medical team, the practical matters concerning the care of siblings…..the anxiety.
    I hurt for you as you prepare as well as deal with a great many practicalities. And, I pray for you, Poppy and Keiren.
    Take solace in the family and friends who surround you.


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