and then it’s just over


A large, odd looking man with a higher-than-expected voice came out with a blanket and swept her out of my arms and down a hallway that I am not allowed to follow….


4.5 hours later I saw her again. Alive. A new head. My precious Poppy girl.

I will write more in depth about the feelings, the sights, sounds, and fears from 11am on July 11 until now. 


Poppy is amazing. Her strength defies all odds and encourages me to dig a little deeper myself. I am in awe of her resilience. Her sweet, fiery spirit really carries us all on…


6 responses to “and then it’s just over”

  1. Karen Kraemer Avatar
    Karen Kraemer

    So happy that this surgery is over – and to see a photo of Poppy holding the cross and beads and looking at it. She is developing well as she is fighting this uphill battle.


  2. Sara Avatar

    I am glad this part of the journey is over, so you can see her strength once again…so you can something to hold on to for the next battle…She is so loved and knows it, so she holds on. Keep up your strength mentally and physically any way you can for her and Kieren, you are with out a doubt one strong family. Ps my son is looking at this with me and he said ‘mama is that a new baby?’ I said yes it is, he touched the screen and said ‘aww mama she so pretty’…


  3. craniomumdana2012 Avatar

    little poppy… xxx


  4. Julie Rae Oliver Avatar
    Julie Rae Oliver

    Yeah Poppy, keep fighting little one!


  5. Carol Henley Avatar

    so glad she is so reslilent!


  6. […] to my bosom for dear life. I nursed her into and out of unthinkable situations. Hovering over her newly reconstructed skull, squished into a hospital crib between wires and tubes and the hands of nurses, waiting inside of […]


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