Poppy’s SSI has been revoked and they are demanding that I pay back what she has been granted thus far.

Turns out – the money I have raised for her surgeries and trip to Texas is counted as income and therefore she doesn’t need the SSI. SSI is my ONLY source of income. It is less than my rent payment.

My pride is shot. My will is wilting. I am devastated.

I never thought it would get this hard. I never thought that I would have to choose between adequate medical care and a roof over our heads.

We need a miracle. I am struggling to stand against this.

3 responses to “jumping through (fiery) hoops”

  1. Patricia Richey Avatar
    Patricia Richey

    Oh, my dears! That has to have been hard & very discouraging to hear. I’m praying for you Noelle & wanted to encourage you to request the forms to fill out giving reason as to why you can’t pay it back. We went through a crazy different yet similar in some ways situation with social security. They were trying to demand we not only pay back $ they gave us for the care of our 2 nephews, they wanted us to pay back the amt their crazy grandma had illegally collected too…about 18k. Anyway, in the end we were not required to pay it back & the boys were able to still collect. I know SSI is different in many ways, but I believe there may still be a way around this. I’m so sorry they are making this hard stuff so much harder 😦 Please let me know if I can do anything for you my dear. Love & hugs from all of us!!!


  2. Sarah Avatar

    Hey sweet mama, what an amazingly challenging and terrible situation. Have you considered contacting Earl Blummenauer? I think if he knew the way this situation was unfolding he would intercede, and we would gladly write notes to his local staff on your behalf as well. Given that this is federal, he is our closest in-between.

    I think it would also be a good idea to give these folks a ring. http://www.ilr.org/ They have many, many resources available to them, and are sadly used to navigating the legal care of the disabled.

    Good luck, please keep us posted!


  3. Anne Avatar

    Noelle, I found a free legal clinic in multnomah county that will do free legal consult for SSI terminations….. Look at the Legal Aid Night Clinic at the bottom… hope they can help, I’m pretty sure there can be something to do in your case!



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