Love is “on the air.”

After receiving the letter from Social Security about Poppy’s benefits being denied, and having to pay back what she had received – I did what any mother would do… everything I could think of.

I contacted every attorney, every non-profit, every special needs group, trying to find help. I contacted KGW News Channel 8 – they ran her story in December, making the fundraiser such a wild success, so I thought they may be interested in finding out what transpired because of my efforts to get Poppy the best.

A news anchor was on my doorstep the next day. Because of them airing her updated story, I now have an appointment with an attorney willing to take on the case pro bono!

The fight isn’t over yet…

To view the news story click HERE

9 thoughts on “Love is “on the air.”

  1. Wonderful , lets keep the prayers coming, Faith flowing and God as our leader. You, Kieran and Poppy will prevail. Thank you Lord!!!! Keep up the good work Noelle we are all with ya..xoxoxoxo


  2. That’s wonderful news! I love how you are fighting for what Poppy deserves! It’s not an easy road, but I’m so proud of you for staying strong!


  3. I live in Chicago and heard about your story, and it absolutely infuriates me that you have to go through this. I am so glad that there are people stepping in to help you. Your children are so lucky to have such a strong, loving mother that would do anything and everything for them. I am going to keep praying that this is resolved and that the idiots at SS get themselves straightened out and continue to provide you with the benefits that you need and deserve. I also plan to share your story in the hopes that if more people hear about this, hopefully this can be fixed as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Please keep us posted on your progress.


  4. Noelle, I’m so happy to read this, and grateful for the good souls in this world to go after what is so obviously a wrong decision on the part of SSI, would love to give the reporter and attorney a hug, stay strong.


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