This post has nothing to do with counting blessings on ten fingers and toes… rather, today marks the first time I have had to close my eyes and count to ten to keep from acting out in anger.

Today, while enjoying some good food and company in a public place, I heard through the clanking of flatware and dishes – “That baby looks weird! Look at that baby, Dad. Dad, look at that weird baby, it looks weird.”

Ouch. Ouch so deep that I almost threw up. I almost screamed. I almost grabbed my children and ran. But I was stuck, stone-still, absolutely shattered. It was the fathers reply that made it so maddening. “Yeah.” He said.



5 responses to “Counting to ten…”

  1. Kellie Shreve Flath Avatar

    That is disgusting. Your little girl is absolutely adorable, some people just need to not talk.


  2. Andrea Avatar

    And there you see why little kids become bully’s, they learn from their parents, I bet there were many other people there who felt your pain and disgust for their actions, so glad you kept it together, your character is strong and Poppy is so lucky to have you as a Mom, love and hugs to you.


  3. Sara Avatar

    This made me angry the instant I read it…I am sorry you went through this..but I am glad you kept your composer…even as just a witness to your babies how a human being should act. Poppy is amazingly beautiful, as well as your entire family.


  4. Renee Wilkinson (@hipchickdigs) Avatar

    I know it doesn’t erase the memory of a painful comment, but I think your baby is fucking gorgeous. She has the most beautiful smile that made my heart swell when we met her at the tree sale. There is a fierce, strong, powerful force inside such a tiny, adorable body. I can’t wait to see what this little lady accomplishes in her life as she rises above these tough times with a level of wisdom and grace we can’t even fathom.


  5. Meredith Avatar

    I am so sorry! People have no heart… As the PP said this is how bully’s are created. Your daughter is the cutest little thing!!! Keep on keepin’ on. You are a fabulous mom.


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