For those of you who know, after booking flights, and emotionally preparing for the June journey – I had to cancel. I discovered a kumquat-sized mass in Poppy’s neck near her windpipe, adjacent to her thyroid.

After palpating, and soft tissue imaging through ultrasound, she was sent for a sedated MRI. Yesterday met with her ENT to discuss what the MRI showed.

The mass appears to by cystic in consistency – fluid filled, making it very unlikely that it is cancerous. That was an enormous relief! Though he cannot be certain it is benign until it is removed and sent to pathology.

That’s the part that I knew was coming, but tried not to think about. Another surgery. Handing her over, once again, to another surgeon. As soon as insurance accepts the request I will schedule the surgery.

He believes the mass is a thyroglossal gland cyst, though it is not positioned the way 95% of those cysts present – he still believes that this is what it is and it is just a bit outside expected location.

I am feeling relieved that it appears benign and her ENT feels confident in removing it. These cysts can become inflamed, infected, and painful so surgery really is the only option. He will remove the cyst and a small portion of the hyoid bone to lessen the chances of recurrence.

Also, I am angry. This syndrome is more than enough. Added surgery and anesthesia and fear and pain and risk is heartbreaking. I still have not wrapped my head and heart around the surgeries she has had and those I KNOW she will need. To have this derail everything and add to the list just absolutely makes me sick. Enough. Enough, enough, enough.

Leave my baby alone.

Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers and love through this stretch of the journey. My little family thrives off of it.



3 responses to “The results are in”

  1. Tamara Mantlo Avatar
    Tamara Mantlo

    I feel your frustration, having numerous surgeries can be so difficult… As soon as you get the date please let me know and I’ll try my best to be there if I’m not sick because as we know people with syndromes get sick easily.. You can do this Noelle your strong and so is Poppy I can see the determination in her little face my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family if you need me for anything I’m here… Blessings and hugs, Tammy


  2. hipchickdigs Avatar

    What a trooper Poppy is! You are doing a great job mama.


  3. Shirley smith and family Avatar
    Shirley smith and family

    Know you are not alone. I was introduced to Poppy via Kathies (CBA classmate) Facebook page and my family has been praying ever since Each of our dear children have grown to love seeing reports and pictures of Poppy and they all remember to pray for her and I know our great God is holding her in His loving, healing hands. We care.


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