About Poppy…

Little Poppy Avalon brought a soul full of ferocity, love, and laughter with her when she entered the world just a short time ago. Since then, she continues to defy all odds and surprise even her doctors with her abilities and triumphs. 

Diagnosed shortly after birth with a rare genetic disorder, Poppy has endured more in her short time than most of us will in a lifetime – and she still has many terrifying hurdles ahead (that I am sure she will clear with grace). 

Poppy’s first few years will be a bittersweet array of absolute heartache and celebrations. Help me plant the seeds necessary so that I may stay by her side through every surgery, struggle, and smile. No one else in this world can provide the care, love, and attention she needs in this first year and beyond. For those of you who have asked what you can do to help… help me stay close enough to touch, close enough to nurse, close enough to teach her that even though she has been given a hard hand… she can always count on Mommy to be there when she opens up those big, beautiful eyes.

Feel free to follow our story through this site. I will post regular updates on how our lives continue to blossom each and every day. Thank you for your support. XO.

2 responses to “About Poppy…”

  1. JoDee Morris Avatar
    JoDee Morris

    I was SO happy to see Poppy!! I was her nurse a few times at Randalls when she was first born and a few months later! I was happy to see your face too momma. I remember you well, what an amazing mom you are and were from the very start! Please give that little sweetie a hug from nurse JoDee.


  2. Cristina Avatar

    I am a mother of an one year old baby boy with Apert Syndrome and looking at Poppy is giving me hope. Thank you for sharing your story with us and helping me understand that I am not the only one struggeling. Lots of love for Poppy and be strong dear Mum, you are having a wonderful girl.


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