Poppy’s surgery has been bumped up 2 hours. We now check-in at 830am and surgery is scheduled for 1030am. My belly feels like an acid pool. I am dizzy and scared to death. I just finished packing our bags. I am going to hold my girl all night long, nurse continuously, and pray.

Though these are the moments when prayer is difficult – the moments when prayer is the only thing left that can be done.

I don’t know how I ended up here, on this path. I don’t know why, either. Right now I am feeling angry to keep from completely breaking down. 

She is only 5 months old. She just learned to grab things, laugh, and gnaw on her own toes. 

She cannot even tell me what hurts. Image

7 responses to “12 more hours”

  1. nowhereintime Avatar

    Hang in there. God is holding you both…


  2. nowhereintime Avatar

    Hang in there,God is holding you both…


  3. Patricia Avatar

    Please let me know of anything I can do. I can imagine this must feel like such a sobering & even a dark or heavy night. Miss Poppy sleeping sound in her mommies arms as mommy also bears the weight of the universe on her shoulders. Tears fill my eyes in knowing how hard this must be…I hope you know that even though you don’t see it with your eyes, you all are being upheld constantly in thought & prayer by many. I love you all my dear friend & am here if/when you need anything.


  4. craniomumdana2012 Avatar

    sending my honest love your way. spencer sends his to poppy. we will get through this. its our only choice. mwah mwah.


  5. Missy Avatar

    We’re all praying here. Let us know if you need anything at all and give Miss Poppy kissed for us. We love you all very very much


  6. Brooklyn Myers Avatar
    Brooklyn Myers

    Our hearts are heavy for you both. We pray incessantly! God is placing his hands upon you Noelle for strengthen and will guide you through this. May our love strengthen you and little poppy girl. We love you!


  7. Allison H. Avatar
    Allison H.

    Hello. I’m a fellow Alma mama – to 16 month old Poppy Louise. Since being shown your Prayers for Poppy facebook page and this blog, I think of your sweet one every time I hold and kiss mine. Thinking of you and sending you & your family thoughts of healing, love and calm.


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