A surgery date, that is. We will check into Randall’s Children’s Hospital at 10am on July 11th. I didn’t think the fear and anxiety could run any deeper, but knowing the actual day has proven me wrong. 

Our blood typing came back and Poppy is O+ just like me. Now we wait to see if I am able to give her blood – because I have so many tattoos, I may be disqualified:( 

We are still fighting the nasty colds and managed to give it to Nana and Kieran, too. Image

Today we have back to back appointments. This morning we have a Pediatric Development assessment to make sure Poppy is hitting all of the milestones (she is) she should be. I’m sure we will talk about Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy – all of which she will likely need and benefit from. After that we are off to the ENT specialist to check out her airways. She is what they call “positional.” Poppy has a hard time breathing unless in a certain position. This makes life hard – and all of the baby things – swings, carseats, bouncers- potentially dangerous if her airways aren’t opened up correctly. No wonder she hated her carseat and never fell asleep in the swing for more than 5 minutes. 

I haven’t exactly found a new place to live, so we will have to stick it out where we are until after her surgery. I can’t imagine trying to move before or during – and don’t really have the means necessary – so perhaps this is God’s timing. Something amazing will come along at the right time.

Kieran has been interacting more and more with Poppy (not that he wasn’t before, just less) and it absolutely melts my insides. The two of them are my absolute joy and strength.Image

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